Trust Yourself Lapis Lazuli Feng Shui Tree

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Believe in the healing power of the Universe, what you manifest will be brought to fruition in due time. Our one-of-a-kind "Trust Yourself - Lapis Lazuli Medium Size Feng Shui Tree," connects you with your inner wisdom so you can make choices and decisions based on what is best for you. Lapis Lazuli stone will help you to uncover your higher truth, master your mind, and live every day from your highest potential. Its sapphire blue coloration represents self-expression and awareness. 


  • Tree of Life Symbol: growth, deep grounding, fertility.
  • Lapis Lazuli Stones: truth, awareness, wisdom.
  • Size: 12-14 cm Weight: 70-120g
  • Hand wrapped Copper Wire.


Since it is all about natural material when it comes to the tree base, each and every one is unique in terms of shape, color and size. 



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