Magic Wand™️ - Launch Fireballs

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Become the wizard or witch you’ve always wanted to be with our Magic Wand™️. It shoots out magical fireballs at your command. Just load the wand with the flash paper, and yell “Incendio” as you cast your spell.

The Magical wand lets you live out your wizarding fantasies. It’s perfect for cosplaying and having fun. Start your wizarding journey today!





Flash paper fireballs evaporate in the air with no trace. No sparks, no embers and no ash!


Our wands can be turned off and on preventing the wand from shooting at the wrong time.Perfect for switching between cosplay prop and casting spells!


Easily charge your wand for hours of fun spell casting. Comes with a charging cable.



Must Have for Halloween 🎃

Our Magic Wand is going to change the game for muggles! Shoot real fireballs out the wand as you cast your favourite spells. Flash paper balls allow for no mess, no embers and no ash when shooting your fire! This means you can shoot your wand inside and out! AND... it comes with an awesome spell guide!
Get ready to become a Wizard or Witch...


Safe & Easy To Use

The wand is safe to use inside and outside with the flash paper technology leaving no mess or embers when shot in the air. This means that you don't have to worry about picking up burnt paper or setting the world on fire.However, please do not shoot at flammable objects or in non-open spaces. Please do not let children use unsupervised. 




But how do you actually use it?

It's easy! Just follow these steps:
1. Tear the flash paper into a tiny ball. 

2. Push the ball down the wand barrel with the loading stick. 

3. Press the trigger button to ignite and shoot!



1x Magic Wand™️

1x Wand Box

1x Barrel Loading Tool

1x Magic Spell Guide

1x Charging Cable

180 Uses of Flash Paper

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