Magic Moon Mirror LED Light Luminous Wall Decor

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 Mirror that turns into the Moon with just a flick of a switch 😍

This Mirror Turns Into An Illuminated Moon

  • Instantly add an Aesthetic touch to your Room
  • Can be used as a Normal Mirror during the day
  • Premium Glass, Cozy Light, Portable & Lightweight
  • The Perfect Gift For Yourself or Loved ones


Add a celestial vibe to your home décor with our exquisite magical moon mirror! Simple, captivating, and unique, Our Magic Mirror transforms into a gorgeous lit-up version of the moon embellishing your living room, bedroom, reading room, etc. 



With the light turned OFF it is a beautiful minimalistic mirror. With the light turned ON it is a soft glowing ambient moon that instantly transforms any bedroom, office, or living room!



Let your imagination take you away every night. The LED’S behind the mirror go unnoticeable during the day, so it will only look like a mirror to the naked eye. Once turned ON is when the magic is revealed.


Hanging our Magical MOON Mirror will not disrupt your sleep as the LED emits a low light perfect for a soft relaxing atmosphere. Let the moon take you away every night!


Mirror Diameter

10 inches

Frame Material

Stainless Steel

Frame Color




Light source



USB Plug



Mounting Type

Wall Mount & With Stand

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